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Freedom to reject advertising

Dear Editors,

Thank you to Max McClure for such a well-written letter to the Telegraph regarding the “topless twins” ad for Starlight Lounge in the Dec. 7 issue. I, too, was surprised that theTelegraph chose to run the ad.

However, I was not impressed that Telegraph “boss” Missy Votel cited freedom of speech as a defense for running what the writer herself found tasteless and offensive.

I would venture that major news sources likeThe Washington Post, theLos Angeles TimesandTime magazine also pride themselves on freedom of speech. It doesn’t stop these well-respected journalistic icons from including the following language in their advertising terms and conditions:

1.The Washington Post reserves the right to edit, revise or reject any advertising.

2. The Publisher may reject or cancel any advertising for any reason at any time (Time magazine).

3. Publisher has the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to reject any advertisement or any portion thereof. (Tribune Publishing/Los Angeles Times).

Accepting the Starlight Lounge ad had nothing to do with freedom of speech. It was a great way to create buzz. Sadly, it’s also a step backward in our ongoing efforts to have women respected for qualities beyond their sexuality.

Good luck to Moe’s Starlight Lounge. They’ve probably lost more business with the ad than they will gain.

– Mandy Mikulencak, via e-mail

Shocked and amused

Dear Editors,

I was shocked and a little bit amused that people found it necessary to voice their opinions on something as trivial as an advertisement for Moe’s Starlight Lounge. Perhaps those people do not understand andrespect

the freedom of the press. I found the “nearly naked” woman ad to be both entertaining and pertinent to the drink special it was advertising, not to mention the girl was smokin’ hot. TheTelegraph represents itself as an independent newspaper, and it’s because of this factor that I believe it is read habitually by many readers.

You would think these readers would applaud its courage to display something that would obviously encourage thoughts and feelings about how sex sells. I did happen to notice and was not at all surprised to see both letters that happened to have a problem with the ad were written by parents, but unfortunately I think these people are too concerned with what most parents’ main problem is, and that is relying on media outlets and4other  people’s personal and business decisions and actions to raise their children. If you want your children to think and act a certain way, raise them that way, because I certainly hope Durango’s only independent newspaper is not trying to cater to your children.

– L. Luttrell, Durango


Where was the class?

Dear Editors,

First of all, let me say that I love theTelegraph ... read it every week and respect your reporting. This is the first time I have ever gone.....“What????” The ad in the Dec .7 issue for the Starlight Lounge was tasteless and I felt insulting to women. Come on you guys, you have way more class than that. Now get back to the great stuff that you do!

– Maggie Bowes, Durango


Big thanks from Durango BMX

DearDurango Telegraph,

As we recently ended our 2006 race season two weeks ago, we would like to extend our appreciation for your support during our season. Your newspaper guided many people to the track and opened the doors to many riders.

Thank you also to Jared for taking the time to inform the public about our nonprofit organization through his beautiful photographs this summer. The Telegraph’s support helped us rebuild our track. The track is now one of the nicest in the country! The training our racers received on it brought home much gold!

Durango BMX is home track to:

-Two No. 1 national champions – Christopher Blevins and Jimmy Kight

-Seven state champions – Kyle Duran, Riley Wanzek, Chase Cushing, Shane Ellis, Miranda Gallegos, Kelly Fish and Zach Thorsheim

-Five top-district racers (out of 215 racers) – Christopher Blevins, Riley Wanzek, Shane Ellis, Wyatt Frier and Zach Thorsheim

Not only has theDurango Telegraphhelped spread the word to riders signing up to be members of our organization and helped with the track rebuild, it also helped enable us to provide our community with a top-of-the-line track to ride.

– Again, thank you, Amy Wanzek, Durango BMX


The day nears its end

Somewhere beneath Franciscan bells,

Those that tolled on the eve

Of love, a rose smiled in the sun

And an old horse turned to the breeze

Neighing to the ole padre,

Who walked with a long shadow

Under the arms of God. It is where love was born,

Somewhere beneath the autumn of bells,

Those that tolled on the eve

Of parting

When soldiers ran to their lovers

For the last time

And when angels cried in the stars

And fishing boys ran home with their catch.

Somewhere beneath the arc of heavens

The clouds marched, darkening the night,

Swelling the sails of ships that would not return.

There, in the night along the lullaby of waves

A young woman held her love deep inside,

Like a mother holds the breath of life in her womb.

Somewhere beneath the calm of leaves

Touch dances in rhythm

And joy sings with a new breathing caress.

And somewhere far out at sea

A crimson rose floats toward the golden eastern seas.

– Burt Baldwin, Ignacio