Up before 3 a.m., at work before 4 and hopefully back in bed by 7p.m. Think you want to be a baker? Better get another cup of coffee. At Durangos Bread, theyre churning out hundreds of loaves of bread daily along with fresh baked goods, sandwiches and the beloved chiabatta, though its no easy feat. And like most bakeries, everything has to be done by the time most peoples stomachs begin growling in the morning. Morning crew workers swear that working the early shift feels pretty normal once you get used to it. But around 5 p.m., says Bread baker Mark Davis, your reality starts getting pretty weird.

Bernard Castellain and Jeffe Morehart shape dough into what will
soon be a small baguettes. Mark Davis rolls out another worm of dough. The first customer of the day arrives shortly after 5 am. Bernard Castellain organizes the rack of bread loaves.