Side Show

Five dollars for the first three balls and $1 for every ball after that. Bright color, high-speed, cotton candy, and herds of stuffed toys returned to the La Plata County Fairgrounds last week in conjunction with the county fair. In addition to the rides and the coney dogs, the carnival contains more subtle sights. Theres the 200-pound guard dog at the ticket stand and recently emptied beer bottles to pitch baseballs at. And what about the guy who is standing in just the right spot on the platform so as not to be struck by a flying space ship? These are the tricks of the trade in a unique subculture. We call them Carnies but they have a more appropriate name for themselves - Showmen.

Two girls zip through the air on the Parasail at the La Plata  County Fairs carnival last weekend. Pharley Adams and his dog Jessie James share a cigar outside the  carnivals ticket booth. Marco Arias, 6, keeps his eyes on the prize at the La Plata  County Fair. Carl Mones counts up a single afternoons haul. Jason Sorrells loads a pitch while playing the Bottle Break game  at the fair on Saturday.


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