Appetite for Destruction

You want to protect you own engine, so you drive in reverse. And that irregular hole cut into the hood, that's so the fires can be put out. And you're not allowed to hit an opponents driver door, or you'll be disqualified. Mechanic and driver Bryan Hill has spent weeks working after-hours on his 1970-something station wagon in preparation of this years La Plata County Fair Demolition Derby. Bryan's father has competed several times in the past and won the purse at least once. Will Bryan's Barbie-pink No. 19 have what it takes? Find out next Saturday, as the fairgrounds hosts yet another installation of the crowd favorite Demolition Derby. The winner will (hopefully) walk with more than $1,000 and maybe a car that can be salvaged for another year.See the On the Town for more fair information.

Bryan Hill works on mounting the battery brackets to his hardly
recognizable station wagon. Bryan Hill sits in front of his project car before spraying on a
fresh coat of pink paint. Bryan Hill lights up the already worn-out tires of his
demo-wagon. Friend and family admire the fresh new paint job on Bryans


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