Ear to the ground

“You said you were going to quit drinking after graduation.”

“If I did, it was because I was hung over.”

-Local couple discussing an extremely short trip on the wagon

Red Ribbon goes on tap

Durangoans have an opportunity to tilt their glasses to a former fixture of the local brewing scene.

In memory of Mike Eberle, Steamworks Brewing’s beloved director of brewing operations, “Mike Eberle’s Red Ribbon Lager” was released, on tap and in bomber bottles, last weekend. Eberle died in a single-car rollover last December, and all proceeds from the beer’s sale will be given to his widow, Casey.

“This has been something we’ve wanted to do since his passing,” said Brian McEachron, Steamworks director of sales and marketing. “Mike brewed some tremendous beers that earned Steamworks numerous awards and helped build our reputation locally and nationally. This will be a great way to both remember him and help Casey as she continues to deal with the loss.”

Eberle’s Red Ribbon Lager is a lighter-style lager beer, which uses corn instead of barley in the mash. Breweries throughout Colorado – from Steamworks to Fort Collins and Colorado Springs – are putting Eberle’s Red Ribbon Lager on tap.

As to the name, it’s something of an inside joke. According to McEachron, Eberle had often commented that he’d like to brew a beer that would be named “Red Ribbon – when second best is good enough.”

The bears are back in town

The bruins are back, and we’re not talking about Massachusetts hockey.

Between 8,000 and 12,000 bears are currently coming out of hibernation all over the state, and the animals are hungry following their long slumbers.   For the first few weeks following hibernation, bears drink lots of water, helping their digestive system adjust. Once they are ready to eat again, they become relentless in their search for food. New grass, dandelions and young plants are typical natural foods – but bears are opportunists and will eat anything they find. 

With this in mind, the Colorado Division of Wildlife reminds people to be cautious and keep close tabs on garbage cans, bird feeders, pet food dishes, grills, compost piles and anything else a large mammal might find appetizing.