Body art was once relegated to sailors, convicts and societys outcasts. Now, everyone from musicians, to professional athletes, to grandparents are going under the needle and imprinting a permanent piece of art on their skin. Fortunately for the uninhibited, Durango has a multitude of outlets to get that favorite picture or symbol permanently affixed to any part of the body. Walk into any tattoo parlor and you'll find the walls covered with examples to help get the creative juices flowing. After the big decision has been made sit back, relax and leave it in the hands of your competent tattoo artist to apply the decoration.

James Rossman peruses the variety of tattoos on display at Blue
Tiger Tattoo as he waits through a mid-afternoon rush of body
piercings. Tattoos were once dominated by pre-drawn black and white art but
now colorful, custom work fills the industry. Bob Lyon, of Blue Tiger Tattoo, lays down some ink on the very
sensitive rib cage of Scott Cornett. Thomas Kipp works on a client at his work station at Your Flesh
Tattooing. Tatti Vladis, of Blue Tiger Tattoo, works on a sketch from atop
her light table as she displays her own art on her left arm. The Hindu deity Garuda protects the entry way to Your Flesh
Tattooing. Bob Lyon, of Blue Tiger Tattoo, concentrates on the work in
front of him from his well lit work station.