Durango Telegraph - The backside of the decision: Colorado Wild continues to allege corruption
The backside of the decision: Colorado Wild continues to allege corruption

Collusion, insider dealing, influence peddling and corruption are all terms that have flown over the Village at Wolf Creek. The Forest Service’s announcement Monday that it has approved access to the proposed development is no exception.

In conjunction with the decision, Colorado Wild released results of its comprehensive research into the process leading up to the decision. The group argues that its White Paper, including 28 exhibits, demonstrates undue and potentially illegal influence over the Forest Service and its environmental review.

“The Forest Service access decision is a slap in the face to the public, who trusts its government to make decisions objectively and transparently,” said Ryan Demmy Bidwell, executive director of Colorado Wild. “We have compiled evidence demonstrating that the entire EIS process and therefore the final decision are fundamentally flawed and biased towards the developer’s interests.”

Peter Clark, Rio Grande National Forest supervisor, flatly denied charges of dirty business, saying, “The decision I made was based solely on the law, environmental analysis, the public comment I received and my personal judgment.”

The public has an opportunity to judge for itself. Colorado Wild’s report can be found online at www.friendsofwolfcreek.org or is available for purchase by calling 385-9833.

– Will Sands