Diver: Thomas from the Children’s Museum

Facts: There is more diving done at a Children’s Museum than one would think … the watercolors, the “accidents” and then some.


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I just returned from a trip to one of the classic theme parks on the East Coast. My question is, when did being a fat-ass become a handicap? Every seriously overweight person rides around on these little scooters, many of them smoking cigarettes. It was gross. If these people did a little more walking and a little less eating of theme park junk food, they wouldn’t need a little cart to haul themselves around in. What’s wrong with these people?

– Jim, via e-mail

Oh my sweetest Jim,

It seems to me if you are going to  enjoy the fruits of the beautiful theme park culture, junk food, cigarettes, shady rides, motorized scooters, shirts with quotes on them that say, “I’ll work for sex,” and fat people come hand and hand. Yet, I also slightly agree. Scooters are only cool if they have at least 50cc, and the fat people who ride them should realize the hypocrisy of their misfortune: 1.2 billion people are overweight, while 1.2 billion people are starving. Have you ever seen a fat person’s belly lined up next to a starving person’s belly? They are both bloated to an unnecessary amount. Come on people, share the wealth!

– A very sensual diver

Dear Diver,

I recently found out my son-in-law has been cheating on his wife, my daughter. Well, of course my daughter found out

and was very upset, and I wrote a long e-mail to my son-in-law that was basically a verbal ass-kicking. Well, now the daughter is giving him another chance, and I’m pissed. What can I do to make sure they both know that he is not welcome in this family any more?

– Mad Dad in Durango

Dear Mad Dad,

Believe me when I say that I know how you feel. I have actually been cheated on many a time in my day. Just imagine for a minute how I felt when Black Sabbath switched singers from the most bombastic of men, Ronnie James Dio, back to that scumbag of a man, Ozzy Osborne. Or maybe I could reference you back to the time my Meatloaf, “Hits Out of Hell” videotape was stolen straight from my 1980s VCR by an unwelcome intruder. And finally there was even that one time my 6-foot-by-4-foot poster of Prince was violently ripped off my wall and torn right through his ever-so-gorgeous golden microphone. OOOOHHHH, the agony!!! So reading your question and finding out that all you have done, as of yet, is given him a verbal ass-kicking over e-mail troubled me deeply, and I must say that I am worried about your fatherly abilities to really put this piece of garbage in his place. And for those naysayers, who say you should butt out, do not let them fool you. Revenge will always feel better. So be a good, loving father and go beat him up high school style, man.

– Daddy Diver

P.S. Don’t forget to bring some type of rock to put yourself in the advantage. He is young, you’re old, get it!


I’m on a health kick, and I’m realizing that my parents gave

me bad habits growing up, such as putting salt on everything. I’m on my way to losing weight, getting in shape and all of that, and I want my sister to do the same. She puts salt on everything. She also eats lots of bologna, sweets and well, everything. How can I get her on the track that I am on, without sounding to condescending and cruel?

– Curious, Jon

Dearest Jon,

Although I commend you on your latest “health kick,” one must remember not to push your views on others. Look what happened during the Christian Crusades, for example. Do n’t get me wrong, I am all about health food, working out and getting a good ol’ pump. I might not like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s political preferences, but no one can say that his body is not sexy. So shop at DNF, ride your bike to work and don’t smoke or drink, and you will effectually achieve your goal as a total and physical manly machine. In regards to your sister putting salt on her food and eating anything. Don’t blame the poor thing. She is just another little colored play ball trying to survive in “McWorlds” sick ball-pit of globalization.  

– Rubies and Gems

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