As summer continues to shower the Four Corners with rays of sunshine and penetrating heat, welcome relief lies just a short distance north of Durango. With the small rise in elevation, the rush of cool mountain streams and the picturesque background of the Weminuche, Vallecito Reservoir remains a summer oasis for lowlanders ready to beat the heat. With plenty of open water and fishing to be had, Lake Vallecito offers anglers and water craft enthusiasts a boat load of opportunities to rev up and cool down. The shoreline and surrounding mountains offer the water weary a variety of alternatives including miles of hiking trails and the opportunity to saddle up for a trail ride. So, as the sun continues to penetrate Durango's downtown sidewalks, a day of welcomed relief is just a few short miles up Florida.

  A weathered, beached boat rests on the shores at Angler's Wharf as a trio of boaters launch for an afternoon on the

  Jack Llewellyn cranks his boat onto his trailer at the launch near the Durango Resort Marina.

  An unused buoy sways against the light waves pushing against the dock at the Durango Resort Marina.

  A line of boats float tethered to buoys adjacent to the Angler's Wharf on the west side of the lake.

  A group on horseback enjoys a trail ride near the north end of Vallecito Reservoir last weekend under summer skies.

  A wood carving dedicated to the memory of firefighter Alan Wyatt stands in front of Angler's Wharf.