Status of San Juan singletrack

The following is the San Juan National Forest’s unofficial list of conditions on some of the more widely used trails in the Columbine Ranger District, gathered via word of mouth and/or direct observation from trail crews and rangers:

• Hermosa Creek – Expect fallen trees, but no major obstacles for bikes or hikers. Motorcyclists should expect slow going.

• Colorado Trail – Clear for the most part with

exception of segment about 8 miles north of Gudy’s Rest and Bolam Pass area, both of which are bogging hikers and bikers down.

• Lake Creek Trail – Crossed by multiple slide paths. People are getting through with some effort. Not passable for pack animals. Large avalanche blocking trail half a mile below Emerald Lake

• Deer/Coal Creek trails – Still snow covered in spots, expected to be open by week’s end

• Needle Creek – Open

• Highland Mary Lakes Trail – Snow-covered at high

er elevations

• Pine River Trail – Open

• Vallecito Creek Trail – Bridge out 6.5 miles in

• Flint Creek Trail – Avalanche debris in spots, not passable for pack animals

• Ice Lakes – Open

• Purgatory Flats – Open

• Spud Lake – Open

To find out about or report on up-to-the-minute trail conditions, call the San Juan Public Lands Center, 247-4874.

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