The season of cold days and long nights is upon us, and there is nothing quite like a good book to pass away the time. The Durango Public Library, at 1188 E. Second Ave., satisfies the most voracious of readers with a multitude of topics and titles. Offering more than just the printed page, the Durango Public Library also has a variety of periodicals, movies and music readily available for the intellectually minded. Downstairs is home to a large children's section where young ones can read books and play games while parents gain Internet access and stay current on world affairs. So the next time the temperature drops below freezing and the weather outside looks frightful, remember there is a whole other world indoors at the Durango Public Library.

Jennifer Paterson finds a comfortable spot as she flips through a book upstairs at the library on Monday. Dan Goldman begins the perpetual task of restacking books near the front desk of the library. Window light falls on a collection of mystery titles in the back room upstairs in the library Sunday afternoon. Patrons of the Durango Public Library are looking forward to a new facility at the current location of the Mercy Medical Center. Four-year-old Gabriella Paslay works on a computerized puzzle game in the children's area downstairs at the library on Sunday. A toy knight watches over a display of books downstairs in the children's area. The bronze sculpture titled "My Children," by Adam Houser, adorns the entryway to the library.


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