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Unprecedented levels of debt

Dear Editors,

The United States’ private debt (corporate and household combined) is $38 trillion. Adding that to our government’s debt, mostly unfunded promises (called entitlements), which is $47 trillion, the grand total of debt in the U.S. economy comes to $85 trillion. When measured against our annual GDP (of $11 trillion) total U.S. debt-to-economy load is 773 percent. That surpasses any historical precedent. And the increase in international debt (the trade deficit), in fiscal debt (the budget deficit), in commercial debt (corporate borrowing), and in household debt (mortgages and credit card debt) is still going on. Some think that government can be the solution to this problem it basically created in numerous ways. How naïve it is to think that what created a problem can solve it! The fact is that there are only three ways government can pay debt: by increasing taxes, increasing borrowing, or printing more money. Increasing taxes destroys businesses and individuals’ ability to pay taxes in the first place, by diminishing the economy in the process. Increasing borrowing increases debt even more, making things even worse, though it pushes the problem out for a short while. Printing more money out of thin air creates inflation making certain that savings and assets become worthless, which also destroys the economy. What’s the core lesson to be heeded? Simply that there is no free lunch, everyone must eventually pay.

– Kim Rogalin

Reveling in another era

Dear Editors,

It is possible, at least temporarily, to live in another era in this town? Nine o’clock on a Wednesday August morning, a quarter mile north of 32nd Street, wading over smoothed boulders of the Animas River’s eastern bank, I felt drawn into simplicity – a long past decade I should have lived in. An out-of-sight radio played familiar refrains: “What’s new pussycat?” “I just called to say I love you,” “Some say love, it’s like a river,” and, “God only knows what I’d be without you.” Cottonwood seed drifted at the water’s leisurely surface. I spent an hour and a half waist deep, trying to tempt a trout to the end of my fly-line. Sparrows and hummingbirds flitted and darted from boughs of river brush. Men, women and children took turns squealing as they hit water (dropped from a rope-swing tied to the limb of a dead cedar on the opposite shore). I rejoiced in the practice of casting, with no expectation of catching fish in the fury of radio, squealing, the chug of the Durango/Silverton Narrow Gauge steam engine, and a distant hammering of shingles being put on a roof. Sound and sight and feeling caused a smile unwilling to depart. Tranquil in simplicity, I reveled in another era, happy temporarily.

– Loretta Marlman, Durango

More bodies needed for Iraq

Mothers of the Republic,

An urgent message from your Uncle Sam. Due to extraordinary and tragic losses of our personnel in Iraq and for pending campaigns, our military needs approximately 1,800 replacements.

Because a draft would be an unnecessary inconvenience to you and us, we humbly request that you encourage your children of a suitable age to enlist at your local recruiter’s office as soon as is practical.

Thank you.

– Kevin Swinderman, Durango

Identity theft

(Editors’ note: The following is in reference to the recent editorial, ‘Identity Crisis,’ and Will Sands’ old fake ID, a Maryland license formerly belonging to Greg Soergel.)

Hi Will,

Good to hear my ID has a few good stories to tell.

– Greg Soergel, via e-mail

Telluride eyes Demolition Derby

Dear Editors,

The Telluride Blues and Brews Festival is going high octane this year with an entry in the demolition derby

in Durango this Saturday.

Blues & Brews organizers have high hopes of adorning the Telluride Festival stage in September with both the winning car and the winner’s trophy.

 The entry has been prepared and will be piloted by long time Telluride local and Sheridan Hotel Bar Manager, Dirk Zimmerman.

Over 50 hours of painstaking work by Zimmerman has gone into the brightly adorned, lime green ’72 Chrysler Newport sedan. The logo for this year’s Blues & Brews festival has been professionally spray painted and compliments the “Dukes of Hazard” type styling and look.

For Blues & Brews producer, Steve Gumble, it took only one Honga’s mojito to be sold on the idea of sponsoring Zimmerman’s entry in this year’s derby.

“It’s a great way to remind Durango about our festival, and have fun doing it” said Gumble.  “If Dirk wins, the trophy will look great on top of the Telluride stage. If we lose, we just sing more blues about a very beat up car!” 

Zimmerman will be assisted by a Telluride based multinational pit crew, proudly attired in Blues & Brews T-shirts and trucker caps.

The La Plata County Fair Demolition Derby occurs at the La Plata County Fairgrounds, Durango, Sat., Aug. 13. Start time is 1 p.m.

– Mike Carrucan, Heads of the Telluride Blues & Brews Motorsports Division


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