Durango Telegraph - Viewing the standstill
Viewing the standstill

The major lunar standstill lasts at Chimney Rock Archaeological Area for 30 months. During this time, the San Juan National Forest Service, which has oversight of the area, predicts there will be about 100 potential lunar standstill events. Through December, the Forest Service will be offering public-viewing programs. Because the moon will rise at different times each day, these programs will vary in their dates and times. Glenn Raby, Chimney Rock area manager, expects five more public viewing opportunities this year, with more planned for next year. The standstill, he says, is predicted to peak in September 2006.

The program is 2½ hours long and costs $50. The money goes toward funding American Indian programs that allow pueblo members from afar to visit the area during this event. Children younger than 12 are not admitted. For more information, call 264-2287 Mondays or Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to noon.

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