Ear to the ground

“You know I was a calendar girl once. But it was the La Plata County Weed Calendar.”

-Local women discussing the glory associated with public lands work

‘A’ is for ‘Almost to Ignacio’

A controversial piece of artwork has finally found a home. A flashy, large sculpture drew a mix of reactions when it was on display in the yard of a West Second Avenue home. Now, the piece, “A is for Anything: A Three-Dimensional Line Study,” is happily living on a piece of property in Oxford, between Durango and Ignacio.

The sculpture is the work of recent Fort Lewis College graduate Austin Baker. Baker explained that the inspiration for “A is for Anything” came from the first letter of his first name and a desire to explore going from two to three dimensions. “It’s a self-promotional piece. My name is Austin. In my case, it’s ‘A is for Austin.’ For the viewer, it will be ‘A is for Anything.’”

When Baker left town, a new home had to be found for the large sculpture. He and friend Max Schon decided to put “A is for Anything” on display at the West Second Avenue home Schon rented. Schon was ordered to remove the piece and recently his lease was not renewed.

“A is for Anything” moved to its new home in Oxford in July. The piece is now living off Highway 172 on property owned by Chester and Anita Wigton. “The Wigtons were informed of the project in a roundabout way,” Baker said. “A fellow student is Anita’s daughter, and they had space for it and were happy to host.”

Baker said that the new location is ideal for the outdoor sculpture. “The contrast is awesome with the juxtaposition of the rural setting and the shiny industrial materials,” he said.

The sculpture is visible from Highway 172, but you have to look carefully. For those interested in a closer look, turn north at The Berliner restaurant and “A is for Anything” will come into view on the ridge.

Meet Mike Jr.

Mike Sheahan fans rejoice. The former author of theDurango Telegraph’s “ Goods” column is at it again (and we’re not just talking about his mysterious appearance as the Diver on p. 24). No, Sheahan is strutting his ego on the world-wide-web with a new edition of Mike: The Magazine.

Mike: The Magazine is not quite “bigger than Jesus,” but the new edition is packed with loads of fine Sheahanisms. M:TM No. 2 features a revamped design, a couple of new writers and is a product of a vintage Sheahan deadline (the issue was 30 days behind schedule).

Check it out at www.mike themagazine.com and while you’re there say hello to Sheahan’s mom.


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