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Reject conditional cash

Dear Editors,

Dennis Pierce’s sanctimonious slam on the July 2 “Arting Around” highlighting Maureen May was an excellent example of why funding for the arts should be kept in the public realm. Pierce’s support of the Durango Arts Center was obviously linked to either his regressive politics, his dislike for Masterjohn, or both. Such self-serving rationale is right in line with his world view but is completely inappropriate for charitable contribution to a public institution. Perhaps he’s taking a cue from Bush and deciding that selective punishment is the best policy in pursuit of influence.

I would urge the Durango Arts Center to reject his conditional cash and advise Pierce that his smug ditty about teachers and soldiers rings disgustingly pompous in light of the continued GOP-led destruction of free and equal education and our soldiers’ continued slaughter for the sake of a lethally obvious lie.

– Shan Wells, Durango

Heal yourself and the world

Dear Editors,

Your jobs amaze me at how you are the sounding board for all of Durango’s opinions. I, however, do not have one to give today. I just want to invite the public to a fund-raising event Friday, Aug. 5, from 2 to 7 p.m. and Saturday, Aug. 6, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. @ 202 West 22nd St., The Inner Ray Cafe. The purpose of the fund raising is to help the under-served people in Fortaleza, Brazil. Each year Chiropractic Missions of Light organizes doctors from around the world to go to countries that need their service. For the past eight years, they have visited Fortaleza and served over 10,000 people per five-day visit. This means that the five to 15 Chiropractors, who donate their time, are adjusting for 15 to18 hours per day in the name of service. This year, Trapper Niccum, D.C., would like to be a part of the group that is going. Please come and join us to raise money to send him to serve for five days in Brazil.

Many community members have generously donated many items and many services for raffling and silent auctioning. There will be massage therapists and, of course, chiropractors donating their time who will serve you purely on a donation basis. So if you would like a break from the everyday, please stop by to have some ice-cold lemonade, to buy something from our bake sale, and to do something good for your body and also something loving for the world. We would love you to come! Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you there. Please bring any friends and family that you can think of. The more the merrier.

Have a joyful day!!

– Bethany Niccum, via e-mail

A frugal bi-partisan compromise

Dear Editors:

La Plata County voters have a chance in November to move Colorado forward by voting yes for Referenda C & D, known as the Colorado Economic Recovery Plan. Much has been written and spoken over the past several years about the state’s budget crisis. Since 2001, over a billion dollars have been cut from essential state-funded services that affect everyone’s quality of life.

The Legislature and the governor have crafted a frugal, simple and bi-partisan compromise in Referenda C & D. Referendum C allows the state to keep $3.1 billion in tax revenues already being collected for five years and direct those funds to health care, k-12 and higher education. Referenda D is a capital-construction bonding measure that will pay for strategic road projects including four in Southwest Colorado. Referendum D also ensures that firefighter and police pensions are secure and repairs are made to crumbling buildings in poor school districts and on college campuses. Referenda C & D do not raise taxes and utilize existing provisions in TABOR that allow state government to temporarily keep more revenue from TABOR refunds when needed.

A strong effort has kicked off in this county to support Referenda C & D. A speaker’s bureau is in place. Many diverse organizations and individuals have endorsed Referenda C & D, including Fort Lewis College’s Board of Trustees, La Plata Economic Development Action Partnership (LEAD), Durango’s Chamber of Commerce, the San Juan Basin Health Department and many others (visit: www.VoteYes onC-D.com).

If Referenda C & D do not pass, our local colleges could see up to a 25 percent across-the-board cut on top of the 30 percent funding reduction already endured. Our highways will continue to crumble and will become even more unsafe. Vital services for vulnerable people – such as kids, persons who are disabled and the elderly – will be cut further.  

We elect people to lead, and that is exactly what Colorado’s Legislature and governor are doing. We ask you to do what is right for all of Colorado and to please vote yes on Referenda C & D this November.

– John Anderson and Marsha Porter-Norton, co-chairs, “La Plata County – Yes on C & D”

Another call for Curt

Durango Telegraph:

In your June 16th paper, there was an article by Curt Melliger. Why haven’t we read any more articles of his? He touched many people’s hearts with that story (“The Little Girl Who Loved Lilacs”). I’m looking forward to reading more by him if possible.

– Joyce Downing Silt, Colo.


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