Works of Art

Virtually everywhere you turn in Durango, art catches the eye. Unlike most cities, our’s is blessed by an abundance of public artwork. Its most dramatic manifestation is in the sculptures that have taken root on the sidewalks of downtown, all over the Fort Lewis College campus and in many of our city parks. They range from realistic interpretations of people and animals to abstractions encouraging deep thought. Collectively, the works offer a glimpse into the soul and history of a town that has long put a value on works of art.

A distracted passerby gives no attention to Veryl Goodnight's "Second Thought" along Main Ave. on Monday afternoon.

A large cat entitled "The Intruder," by artist Ken Bunn, guards the entrance to the Center of Southwest Studies.

Senior Sean Ludden studies beneath Doug Hyde's "The River Potters" on the Fort Lewis College Campus on Monday.

Monday's early morning sun wraps itself around the double-jack drill team of the Boris Uskert memorial sculpture at Santa Rita Park.

The torso of Elizabeth MacQueen's "Mudra" faces east from East Second Avenue on Monday afternoon.

Lauren Eastburn relaxes on campus behind a sunning lizard.
The moon peaks through the recently constructed trio of horse heads of Mick Reber's "Parade Formation" at Santa Rita Park.






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