This Week's Diver-Chandra Allen from Nini’s Taqueria

Years in the industry-7 months

Dear Diver,
Coke or Pepsi?

- David Heckman,
Gem Village.

Drink water, it's much better for the body.

-Yours in good health,
The Diver.

Dear Diver,
I am a freshman at Fort Lewis College, and I am already blowing it. I know it’s early in the semester, but my motivation is weak and currently getting weaker. Any tips on how I can survive in the fast-paced world of college?

-Charles McGee,
Fort Lewis College via Email.

Quit smoking so much. I go to Fort Lewis. It’s not a fast-paced college. Keep studying.

- Diver.

Dear Diver,
A man in my office, whom I’ll call “Stan,” is constantly flirting with all the women we work with, including me. He’ll smile at us and wink, bring in flowers for everyone, buy us lunch and various things of that nature. I used to think it was childish and silly, but lately I’ve been having thoughts that may stray me away from my dedicated yet boring and predictable partner of six years. Should I follow my urges and make what I think would be a mistake, or should I do my best to ignore his advances?

- Horny and Bored
in Durango.

Dear Horny and Bored,
Ignore his advances. I don’t know why, just because. It doesn’t sound safe.

- Good luck,


Steve from Cuckoos taking a strong position on dishes.

Got a dirty little secret?
Looking for guidance to remedy a sticky situation?

Seek help from the master of the kitchen! The Dish Diver has solutions to life's little messes. Send your problems to "Ask the Diver." - By mail to Durango Telegraph - Attn Diver -534 Main Ave., Durango, CO 81301; by email at, or by fax at 259-0448.

Dear Diver,
I just received my fifth DUI. I am facing jail time, loss of my job and basically at my wit’s end. Should I split town and start a new life in Mexico, or stay here and accept my fate?

- Carless and unhappy
in Hermosa.

Dear Carless,
Well Mr. Five DUIs, stay here, accept your fate and take responsibility for your stupidity. I hope they put you away forever. No one should get five DUIs; you should have lost your car after the second one.

- Stay sober,

Dear Diver,
I passed out at last weekend’s beer festival, and my friends drew all over me with a Sharpie, and I can’t get the ink off my skin. What do you recommend I use to erase the obscenities from my forehead?

from Bondad.

Quit passing out. Drawing on drunks is what we did to all my passed-out friends too.

- Diver




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