Seasonal closures still in effect

Several popular Durango trails will remain the realm of deer and elk for at least a few more weeks. The Division of Wildlife and Bureau of Land Management have announced that seasonal trail closures will stay in effect until at least April 1.

The BLM has found evidence that large numbers of deer and elk continue to rely on the lower-elevation forage and shelter provided by public lands adjacent to Durango. For this reason, most of Animas Mountain and Grandview Ridge are still closed. “Large numbers of animals continue to use these lower-elevation BLM parcels where green-up is occurring on the south-facing slopes,” said Chris Schultz, San Juan Public Lands Wildlife Biologist. “We want to wait to lift the closures until forage also begins to green up at higher elevations, allowing the animals to leave the Animas City Mountain and Grandview areas.”

All the trails in the Grandview Ridge area are closed, with the exception of the Carbon Junction Trail, which is open from its Highway 3 trailhead to Crites Connection. All of Animas Mountain, minus a 1.5-mile loop at the bottom and the Dalla Mountain Park, also remains closed.