The sun has reappeared, the black ice has receded, and cyclists are once again a common sight along Durango's county roads and city streets. With a little help from Mother Nature, the road riding season is officially under way. Despite guarantees of moisture in March and April, the water bottles, helmets,
and black Lycra are here to stay. With less than three months until the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic there is no better time to head out and get those legs back in riding shape.

A road bike tries to muster up the courage to tackle Coal Bank pass while resting on top of a parked car at the Cascade Creek trail head.

A rider enjoys a spin through the valley past a fenced, horse pasture along CR 250 Tuesday afternoon.

A solid winter snowpack begins to melt as a pair of riders approach Helen’s Store. A cyclist hammers out a ride in the valley Sunday afternoon.

A rider gets out of his saddle as he prepares for quick grunt up a short incline along CR 250 last weekend.

A rider takes in the evening light during a ride along CR 203. A dry forecast would be a welcomed outlook for local cyclists.
A pair of cyclists braved steady winds Sunday during a ride through the valley and CR 250.
Riders gather momentum as they pedal toward the end of CR 250 near Florida Road.




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