Using a vintage rope tow from the late ’60s and support from town and local residents, the Kendall Mountain Recreation Center in Silverton is alive and well. The center is one of the few places where a $7 fee ($4 for seniors and small children) still buys a day of skiing Friday thru Sunday. Season passes are a whopping $60 and $40, respectively. On a good day, the area sees nearly 100 people. In addition to the ski hill, there’s an ice skating rink, access to miles and miles of groomed Nordic skiing, snowshoeing trials and, of course, the Rec Center building, which was completed in 2000. This past weekend, Silverton’s annual Snowscape Winter Carnival brought people to Kendall Mountain from all over the region. Thursday night kicked off the event with a bonfire tribute to the snow gods. Several nights of dancing, snowball fights, homemade soapbox races, and X/C and snowshoe races, to name a few, were to follow. For many, the Kendall Mountain Recreation Center makes winter in Silverton much more palatable.

The Rec center maintains a stretch of trail leading away from the ski area that is frequented by walkers, skiers and snowshoers alike.

At the Snowscape Winter Carnival, youngsters turned out for the surfin' snowboard competition. The lift line wasn't supposed to be the tricky part.

Giving new meaning to snowshoeing, teams of two competed in the blizzard-like horseshoe tournament. Two contestants of this year’s cardboard derby, almost fully intact, near the finish line.

Some consider it the best ski area in Silverton. Some consider it the only ski area in Silverton. At $7 for a lift ticket, it's hard to beat.

Finding another use for the standard Silverton shovel, Blair Clark of Silverton keeps perfect form.

Charlie Schmalz keeping an eye on the rope tow.
Some revelers skipped the drive home, preferring to glide the few blocks to shelter the old-fashioned way.




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