Dear Diver,

If an "apple a day keeps the doctor away" and an "aspirin a day helps reduce the risk of heart disease," what would happen if I ate an aspirin and an apple a day?

- Signed,


Dear Healthy One,

What would happen? What would happen if I walked outside right now and all that is life flashed there before me, right in front of my face? All I had known, my life and my health to be there for me to really see? Then what? Would I eat an apple?

- Diver


I'm a mother of four. At what age should you stop tucking children in? I have kids that think they should be able to watch PG-13 movies and curse (none of them are 13) yet they can't get to bed without being tucked in. So, when is the correct age to stop doing this?

- Mom

Dear Mom,

We all want someone to tuck us in every now and then. Tucking your children in is a loving habit I'm sure you've both grown comfortable with. Perhaps you are unsure of the new habits they are developing, like cursing and PG-13 movies. Are they just a new phase of habits, or discovery? Is there a difference?

- Sincerely yours,


Dear Diver,

My girlfriend says she can't kiss me because of my bad breath. What are some things I can do to improve my fish breath?

- Signed,

Diver: Stacy from The Hamilton Chop House

Facts: Stacy comes through at the last minute again.


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Trout Mouth

Trout Breath,

You sound like a thoughtful boyfriend. Perhaps your girlfriend and you can take up the habit of eating sushi to cleanse your pallet.

- Diver

Dear Diver,

Often, when I come across the police blotter, I read about a man who is reportedly weaving his Schwinn and drunk. I wonder if this is the same guy I see weaving down the street on a bike near my apartment between the 700 and 800 blocks on E. Fourth Ave. some afternoons. Is this the same guy?

- Signed,

Tricycle Teetotaller

Tricycle Teetotaller,

Maybe it is the same guy. I wouldn't doubt it.

There's your honest answer, honestly yours,

- Diver


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