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Democracy - use it or lose it

Dear Editors,

In regards to President Bush's move to open Social Security to the jungle that is the financial marketplace - I want to point out that it simply means that some greedy barracudas will be given an opportunity to raid the funds I and my fellow Americans pay into Social Security.

You need look no further than the "administrative" expenses that Fannie Mae pays out to understand my drift. NO THANK YOU. Social Security was set up as a social contract between citizens of this country, it's about how a society takes care of its own - Bush's plan wants to destroy that because his "vision" can not reach beyond the "greed is good" doctrine.

Don't allow this administration to do to Social Security what we've done to Iraq and world diplomacy! Why should you care since it all seems so hopeless? Because, for starters, not caring is like giving up, and that is a fate worse than death.

Why does it matter? Look at our ineffectual Democratic Party representatives and realize they will be forced to roll over unless they start to be confronted, and supported, with a groundswell of grassroots input. By now it ought to be clear that you who still believe in the ideal of Our USA Lady of Justice - that forgotten American icon standing there with her eyes blindfolded holding high the scales of justice and holding back her sword before making an impartial judgment -need to engage. There are still a few lonely, brave souls who roam the halls of our capital. They need to hear from us, each and every one of us! Of course, they cannot read all that's sent. That makes it easy, you can keep your sentiments to one or two sentences. The point is... to make the point that you are one more citizen who believes humanity's needs are more important than corporate greed hiding behind a misguided theatrical religious agenda.

I keep getting this echo from an old song by CSN: "America, where are you now?Don't you care about your sons and daughters?" We need you now! Today more than ever before: Democracy - Use It Or Lose it.

- Sincerely, Peter Miesler,






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