Whether you see it as a historical landmark or a dilapidated bunch of
buildings, Elmore's Corner is a unique piece of Southwest Americana. Located east of Durango at the intersection of Highway 160 and County Road 234, Elmore's is a unique blend of Route 66 style and red light district ambiance. With increasing growth on the mesa, Elmore's now shares its corner with Ranchero Liquors and the Upper Eastside Coffee Co. while providing daily eye-candy for people commuting in and out of Durango.

A seldom-used pedestrian sign points walkers across Highway 160.

The Upper East Side Deli man seemingly does a jig above Ranchero Liquor’s well-worn Budweiser beacon.

A semi-recently erected if not exactly grammatically correct sign alerts motorists to the local landmark known as Elmore’s Corner. A sign of a bygone era
harkens back to the Mesa
Motel’s glory days
A westbound big rig awaits its turn at the Highway 160 and County Road 234 traffic light.
A ‘No Trespassing’ sign warns off would be-passersby in front of the now defunct Mesa Motel.





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