OK Diver,

Another approaching year, another long list of resolutions ready to be broken. My sister makes plenty of them, and they are broken after a month. So, what's the point? Either people want to change their lives or they don't, I wish they wouldn't kid themselves with statements like "2005 is the year I get in shape" then go to the gym twice and that's it. Are resolutions pointless? They are in my eyes.

- Johnny
in Durango


Resolutions are, for the most part, pointless.You are very correct, most people who tend to make changes with the changing of the year only dedicate about three weeks of their time to so called "change." Then it's back to sniffing glue and avoiding the treadmill until Christmas. There is no point! Fitness and good living is a life-long belief, not something that suddenly becomes something you dedicate yourself to. My good friend once said "you're either on the bus or off the bus," so we might as well all be off the bus together.


Dear Diver,

My brother's 6-year-old son was a pain in the ass all year leading up to Christmas. My brother keeps using that line "Santa's watching," which is a deterrent for this little monster for about five minutes. Then he's back to being disrespectful. Of course, on Christmas Day there was a bike, remote control car, candy and all sorts of other things. Two minutes after he opened up all his presents, he complained there wasn't enough and threw a tantrum. Would it be OK if, on Christmas next year, his parents got him nothing and said "I guess you were on Santa's bad list!" Do you think that would change anything?

- Marcie
via e-mail

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Facts: Jon doesn't realize that he replaced Dan Groth as the most popular Diver. Quite skeptical of the responsibility that comes with this fame and fortune, Jon would rather just be left out of that kind of glory.


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That is both the greatest and worst idea in the world. Oh, if parents would only deliver on all of the threats they put out toward their children the world would be a great place, void of tantrums, graffiti and ruffians harassing people outside of the Rec Center. I, too, would love it if more parents went through with having Santa avoid their house due to bad kids. I read the other day a parent actually did do that and sold all the toys he was going to give to his kids (and some they had owned for years) and donated the money to charity. Nice job, sir. On the other hand, this could really distort this child's view of the holiday for years to come. So, my advice to you is consult someone in the Philippines, where the rattan cane has been used to curb disrespect for years.

- Diver

Dear Diver,

I'm trying to get my parents to be a little more socially conscious. It's a struggle. They are good people, but they are old fashioned in a "1970s politically incorrect" kind of way. It's almost like I'm dealing with Archie and Edith Bunker. My dad isn't a racist, but he still uses inappropriate language to describe people of color. They both smoke and claim "it wouldn't be sold if it was bad for you" and things like that. They drive huge vehicles, waste gas and electricity, and their diets are atrocious. How can I at least make them think about how they live, hoping that could make a change?

- Concerned son in Cortez
via e-mail

Dear Concerned,

Leave your parents alone! These people raised you, clothed you, fed you and probably love you, and all you can do is insist on changing them so you are more comfortable around them? How selfish. Besides, "All in the Family" is a hilarious show, I bet the comedy around their house is nonstop. Enjoy, you meathead.

- Diver



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