During regular trips up to the mountain, the cars lining both sides of Highway 550 below Needles are often hard to miss. Pedestrians with large, colorful saucers firmly in their grasp play a real-life game of Frogger as they dodge passing motorists to get to the steep incline
known as Chipmunk Hill. A secret stash for local sledding aficionados, Chipmunk Hill has gained fame outside of La Plata County with large groups of speed junkies frequently traveling up from New Mexico to get
a little taste of the action. The weekend crowd and the continual toboggan traffic groom the hill to a nice sheen, which provides ample speed for any tube, saucer, skate board or home-made sledding device.


Josh MacDonald gets a face shot as he flies through the air in the blue, one-piece ski suit he received as a hand-me-down and creatively named “Madonna.”

A shovel used for perfecting many aspects of the sledding hill sits on the side lines..

Santee Medicine Bear hikes back up the slope after a harrowing trip down the hill. Austin Hohnke works the camcorder filming his friends Josh MacDonald and Graham Brookie.
Graham Brookie gets some solid air time as he braces for impact.
Jared Duvall, of Farmington, grabs his sledding tube and leaves the scene of a snowball fight at the top of Chipmunk Hill last week.





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