Despite the chilly, wet weather Saturday. the holiday edition of the Durango Farmer's Market was a huge hit as locals gathered ingredients
for this week’s feast as well as gifts for the holidays. Hosted by the Elk's Club of Durango, local growers crowded the building sharing stories and offering up the last of their crop. A festive holiday mood was in the air as snow fell on the streets outside. A variety of retailers were on hand catering to the early bird Christmas shopper poised to find the perfect gift. Whether it was a morning pastry, a slice of fresh cheese, or just catching up with friends, all left the Holiday Farmer's Market with a taste of the upcoming season.


Olivia Wheeling jokes with her grandfather Dave James while she works the booth for The Gardens at James Ranch.


Jeff Mannix, dressed in the fashion of the season, walks past the entrance to the Elks Club.

A collection of greeting cards lay scattered atop the Oakhaven Permaculture Center table.

A group of bright red chili peppers hang from a unique Christmas wreath.

Four-month-old Diego Sol Gordon rests comfortably in
the arms of his mother, Sequoia Gordon.

Pam Dyer spins wool at the encore performance of the Farmer's Market at the Elk's Club on Saturday.





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