The cold and flu season is upon us and the yearly ritual of boosting the immune system has arrived. Now more than ever people are turning to alternative forms of therapy to help sustain a healthy lifestyle. From echinacea to lemon balm to lavender, there are a multitude of herbs to help mend many illnesses. Herbs come in a variety of forms, including teas, oils and tinctures. In Durango, there is an educated community of herbalists here to inform, educate, and provide a multitude of products to help soothe the mind and heal the body.


Melanie Rose, owner of Hummingbird Herbals, speaks with a customer from behind a collection of glass jars Monday afternoon at Hummingbird Herbals.


Various oils, designed to deliver eveything from rejuvenation to tranquility, line a shelf at Dancing Willow.

Acupuncturist Carla Toth pets her dog, Lucky, Monday at Hummingbird Herbals as Nathaniel Prugh looks on.

Melanie Rose restocks empty jars of bulk herbs Monday afternoon.

An open sign greets Hummingbird Herbals customers along College Ave. early this week.

Gracie May Swanson, 2, plays with anything at eye level at Dancing Willow Herbs earlier this week.

Chad Benally presses red root, which helps with the circulatory system, at Hummingbird Herbals.

Dancing Willow Herbs owner Deb Swanson helps educate a customer Monday afternoon on a variety of herbal options.





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