Do you know people who keep their clocks set fast? Do you notice how these people are still late? Why aren't people capable of being on time? I know things happen ,and you can be late once or twice, but I used to work in a place where I couldn't leave until the next worker showed up. This dude was five to 10 minutes late for about two years straight. Five minutes x 250 days equals 1,250 minutes, which is almost 20 hours. I want my 20 hours back!

- Roach in Bayfield

Dear Roach,

I suggest that you invent a time machine. When speaking in terms of time, we speak in terms of experience. The act of setting the clock fast or slow gives one the impression that they are being on time, but does it really make a difference? For some, time is a pathology. When inventing your time machine, take this into consideration.

- Invariably Timeless,



I am a new mother, and I use a baby monitor to listen for when my baby wakes up. However, it picks up stuff from my neighbor's baby monitor. Basically, I guess my signal is stronger than theirs, so I can hear what is going on in there house. I can't stop listening! Honestly there is nothing strange going on over there, but I have found myself fascinated by the couple's conversations. I know this is wrong ... but I can't stop!

- Mom in Durango Hills

To Mom,

Of course you are fascinated by the couple's conversations. Perhaps they are acting out the feelings you have but don't know how to embrace. Having stumbled upon this, you may feel guilty for overhearing. I suggest that you gaze into the mirror and forgive yourself for the things you have not done, but aspire to. Then, gather the courage to introduce yourself to the couple and exchange tips on breastfeeding. It may help to break the ice.

- SincEARly Listening,

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Dear Diver,

Are you familiar with the term "preaching to the choir?" That is when people who are attempting to make some form of change within society plead their case to people who agree, thus not changing a thing. For example, journalists hosting a show attacking Bush that is only watched by people who agree. The film "Supersize Me" was really only viewed by people who don't eat fast food in the first place. There are still people going to McDonalds (lots of them) and still people who support Bush (lots of them.) So, my question is, what's the point?

- Jim


Oftentimes the reason anything has a point is because we give it meaning. What is the meaning in eating out of your garden instead of McDonalds? If the preacher preaches and only the choir listens, does it mean that what the preacher has to say is now meaningless? Although subjective, meaning deals in the realm of what is inherently valuable to some. Meaning guides our choices. The more people choose a cause, the more meaning they are giving the movement. The more meaning that is given to the movement, the deeper the point.

- Pointedly,




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