Whether it's an afternoon of flag football or a quick walk to get your pet Chihuahua a little exercise, Durango's public parks offer a little something for everyone. The picnic tables and playground equipment at Santa Rita Park rarely go unused and the park's river access makes for a vibrant atmosphere at Durango's most visible and well used park. Park Elementary is also an oasis of green grass and open space that caters to any laid back hacky sack outing or even to the more competitive spirit of an organized soccer competition. However, no one gets more entertainment from our public parks than the kids that frequent their swings and slides and often call their neighborhood park a home away from home.

Nathan Foster, 2, works his way through the playground equipment at Fassbinder Park.

Holly Redmond, 5, operates the front-end loader at Santa Rita Park early this week.

Indy happily retrieves a tennis ball for his owner during an afternoon of fetch at Park Elementary. Tianna Sandoval, 10, elevates 2-yearold Tyrell Martinez in the swing set at Park Elementary on Monday. Eric Farrar carefully approaches man's best friend at Santa Rita Park.

Parker Norvell, 8, takes a spin down the slide at Santa Rita Park on Monday afternoon.






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