Funeral for a friend, biker weekend part I and The Sweathogs

by Ted Holteen

It's never easy losing a friend. It's even harder when that friend has beer. As Storyville joins the row of tombstones on the Boot Hill of Durango small business this weekend, let me be the first to say to owner Dave Thibedeau, "Thank you." Actually, I'm probably the 20 th or 30 th person to say so, but there's no written record of those thanks, so that leaves me. Good food, great live music, cheap drinks and a tres hip decor would be a can't-miss proposition in any town outside of Branson, but leave it to us to ruin a good thing. But Storyville will not go quietly into that good night, or morning for that matter. On Thursday, Sweet Jones will warm up the stage for what promises to be a silly weekend of social regression, with ironically large crowds paying homage and a nominal cover charge. Those crazy Dialogue kids will begin the demolition process on Friday (please don't steal stuff) with the hippin' and the hoppin' and the rappin' and such. Word. Saturday would be the big finale, as a bunch of bands that have graced the Storyville stage take turns saying goodbye in their own way and, we can hope, breaking the 2 a.m. curfew. I say Saturday would be the finale, but it could lead right into the Sunday morning Punk Rock and Hip-Hop Breakfast , which is a can't miss event even when the bar's not going out of business. I reiterate: Please don't steal stuff. Thanks again, Dave.

Remember how much you hated the football team in high school (or college)? Now, picture them with shaved legs and bigger egos. That image aside, the NORBA Mountain Bike Finals are a hoot. It's one of the premier mountain biking events in the country, and it's happening at Durango Mountain Resort from Thursday to Sunday. It's cool - you get your "passport" for 20 bucks, then wander all over the mountain watching the best riders in the world and, let's be honest, hoping for a gnarly crash. If your timing's perfect, you can get a bird's eye view from the chairlift of a potentially crippling wreck. Fun stuff. It is, however, extremely bad form to attempt to cause such a wreck, and in all likelihood, something that'll get you arrested. There's plenty of food and beer, so don't feel pressured by all of the fitness going on around you. Oh, and about those egos. If the attitude just becomes unbearable, simply make fun of their shorts.

By now, I trust that you grasp the importance of reading The Society Page on Thursdays. It doesn't help to read about a Thursday show on Saturday or Monday or on any other day that's not Thursday. If you dawdle, you will miss a legend of the folk-rock scene of the '60s tonight at The Abbey Theatre. Lovin' Spoonful founder John Sebastian is a strange cat who has written a lot of great, fun songs. This show makes me very happy. You either dig the Spoonful or you don't, so if you're not there, screw you. We'll be having a blast with or without you. Sebastian's show is a mix of new jug-band stylings and popular standards, which does include the "Welcome Back, Kotter" song. Please don't embarrass me by shouting out "up your nose with a rubber hose" or any Horeshack impersonations. It's been done.

FAST 'N FILTHY: (Quick 'n Dirty's been done, too) After losing two drummers inside of a week, Spinal Tap - I mean, Freewill Recovery , is in search of a professional percussionist. Serious inquiries only, and no tambourines. .

A milestone happens tonight, Aug. 26, on the Four Corners airwaves. (Remember the Thursday thing?) The great Hugh Felt will broadcast his 400th peerless bluegrass program "The Grass is Bluer" on KSUT at 9 p.m. Hugh is one of the good people, and he's the last to pat himself on the back, so you should do it for him. Give him a call and say, "Nice job, Hugh" or something to that effect.

How about that first annual Durango Music Festival? Man, it was Woodstock '68 all over again. Open fields and not a soul in sight. Note to the promoters of the 2 nd annual Durango Music Festival: These events should not be kept a secret. Big Dog? Seriously, Big Dog? Clear Channel listeners do not go to $55 concerts. They go to Bennigan's and Red Lobster. Live and learn.

There's professional boxing again this Saturday at the Sky Ute Casino - check it out.

President Bush is in Farmington today. (Thursday again!) He's an idiot.

Hey, Secret Service - over here! . Vote Quimby.




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