National pride, saving public radio and eating crow

by Ted Holteen

So this is what they mean by the "dog days" of summer. The baseball races are only slightly more exciting than the disaster going on in Athens, the bikers are still wandering the plains between Sturgis and Durango, and the damn kids are still not back in school yet. But what are you going to do - bitch about it like I do, or do something about it? While I'm sitting on the couch, getting drunk and cursing those losers Michael Phelps and the Philadelphia Phillies, you need to go out and get your midsummer night's groove on. Denver was recently named by Men's Health magazine as the drunkest city in the USA. Now, I know many of you are from Denver, and a state capital is no more than a composite of its satellite cities 85 get the idea? You've now got a reputation to uphold. Make us proud.

Boulder favorite The Motet returns to the Abbey Theatre on Friday, in advance of its first CD in three years, "Music for Life." At this point, I should provide a short review of the album, but surprise, surprise, I haven't heard a lick. What I do know, however, is that The Motet is working with The New Voter Project, Head Count and Rock the Vote to register voters at every show it performs in 2004, which would by default include Friday's show. Take advantage of this opportunity. It's not like registering for the draft, but you might get tagged for jury duty. Don't let that scare you - just tell them you're a racist pornography aficionado who hates cops. You'll be kicked out before you can even sample the free coffee and donuts. Or, try my favorite method - stay a step ahead and change your address every eight weeks.

If you prefer your entertainment without the pressures of social responsibility, or if you're already a participating citizen, Scoot 'n Blues offers up another weekend of straight-on hard-drinkin' blues music. In from Arizona for two nights, it's Danny Rhodes & the Messengers . Then, on Sunday, stop by Scoot 'n Blues to enjoy the great Sand Sheff . I hear that most churches in the area endorse Sand as a viable alternative to a Sunday sermon, and the show is almost exclusively God-free. But don't fall for it when he starts passing the collection plate around. Less than a nickel of every dollar collected actually goes toward the purchase of new hymnals, and even those are dotted with original Sheff compositions.

Sand will also be one of the final acts to perform at one of my favorite watering holes over the past few years, Storyville. That's tonight (Thursday), so don't dawdle. Yes, the rumors are true, and Storyville will close its doors for good at the end of this month. At least that's the rumor I've heard. Also at Storyville this week: Spoonfed Tribe on Friday, and local rock with Jeff Strahan on Saturday. More on the Storyville finale next week.

Believe it or not, writing this tripe for the Telegraph every week is not my only job. When I'm not missing a deadline for the paper, I'm missing deadlines and spreading misinformation for my day job at KSUT. Myself notwithstanding, KSUT is the best place to dispose of your disposable income, and from Aug. 23 - 27, you should do just that. KSUT is holding its semiannual on-air fund-raiser next week. The equation is very simple: Without the support of the community, media outlets like KSUT, KDUR and Durango Community Access Television can't exist. I can personally testify that the people who work and volunteer for these organizations are among the most dedicated and competent folks around, and to say we're lucky to have them is a gross understatement. Tune into KSUT all next week, make your donation when the moment moves you, and revel in your self-satisfaction. By the way, in Durango that's 90.1 on your FM dial. And don't worry, not a dime of your donation will find its way into my pocket. Really.

I like to think that regular readers of The Society Page are pretty savvy when it comes to differentiating between news, opinion and satire. If the facts are straight, there are no circumstances under which I would ever print a retraction or an apology in regard to a news item or personal opinion about any public figure. It's an opinion column, first of all, and secondly, that's just bad journalism. However, it is never my intention to be personally offensive to any individuals or local establishments. Last week, I apparently stepped over that line by making a joke in poor taste that some of the fine people at Scoot 'n Blues took in a way that I never intended. I won't reprint the item here, but I want to go on record by sincerely apologizing for any offense taken by the management and staff at Scoot 'n Blues. We're all just trying to make it in this crazy town, and the last thing I or anyone else needs to do is disparage anyone who consistently supports the community and brings in live music on a weekly basis. Sorry, all. My bad.

Punish me. . Can we blame Bush for the Olympics, too?




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