Hog Wild

The La Plata County Fair stampeded its way into town last week with a multitude of animals, antique farm equipment and the wild lights of the accompanying carnival. More than 10,000 visitors meanedered amongst the livestock and rubbed elbows with the eclectic carnies working the rides. A variety of events were held over the five-day event, with the demolition derby, a local favorite, taking place in front of a standing- room-only crowd Saturday afternoon. The junior livestock auction, a fan favorite as well, took place Saturday evening, bringing in more than $220,000.

Fair attendees wander below the ferris wheel lights
Saturday evening.

Greer, 12, gets his 3-year-old steer, Old Red, ready for competition in the market beef

Chance Conaty, 8, adjusts his cowboy hat before mounting the mechanical bull.

An onlooker checks out the vintage farm equipment on display at the fairgrounds
last weekend.

A trio of passengers feel the wind through their hair as they
fly high above the fairgrounds.

Samantha Harris shows off her 1st place Spanish White Face Hen on Friday afternoon.
Rowan Thompson, front, and his brother, Henry, buckle in
for their ride at the fairgrounds Friday.
James Ouellette, 10, soaks up the demolition derby
action from atop a fence during the first heat Saturday afternoon.








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