Century Ride

The 2nd annual Durango 100-Mile Mountain Bike Race returned to Durango Mountain Resort last weekend. A total of 100 racers entered in this year’s sufferfest and competed in one of three races including 50 kilometers, 100 kilometers, and 100 miles. The hundred mile race, the event's premier division, is a demanding course climbing over 18,000 feet of elevation and traveling through some of the most striking terrain in the San Juans. Durango’s David Drake posted the fastest time of the day finishing the course in 9 hours and 45 minutes. Michele Keene tore up the race course and her competition, winning the women's pro division in 12 hours and 15 minutes.

Heidi Doffinger pedals through a field of wildflowers before completing the 50 kilometer course in five hours and 30 minutes, finishing seventh overall.

With over 18,000 feet of elevation gain, riders were
pushed to limits unlike any other hundred mile race.

A race fan finds the perfect location to soak up all the action.
Water and mud soak the bike and legs

A rider makes the final grunt before descending to
complete lap one and the first 33 miles of the course

Afternoon thundershowers saturated portions
of the race course at higher elevations.

Water and mud soak the bike and legs
of rider Christopher Benisch.

A cyclist jumps off his saddle to avoid some
tricky terrain in the early stages of the race.








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