Happy Trails

For many it's an undervalued byway that provides safe passage from the vehicular road rage that occurs each morning and every afternoon. For others it's a priceless pathway that offers access to the adrenaline pumping whitewater passing through the valley each spring. Fortunately, it doesn't matter if it’s your morning commute to the Bean, your daily boat walk up Santa Rita Park during high water season, or a lazy afternoon with Lucky and his favorite Frisbee, the Animas River Trail means something to everyone. So head out and take advantage of the miles of paved trail and remember that a little solitude is just seconds from your front door.

A safety boater tries to help out a client in need as the pair
makes their way through the waterpark Friday afternoon.

A mountain biker travels north along the Animas River
Trail near the Durango Recreation Center late last week.

A cyclist takes a more relaxed approach to biking as he
exits the Animas River Trail at Rotary Park.

Garrett Magedson, 9, holds a trout that he caught along the Animas River.


Amy Woodside, a two-year-old from Farmington, tackles the playground
obstacle course at Santa Rita Park Sunday afternoon.

A biker cruises along the river trail
near Santa Rita Park last weekend.









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