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Broadcast democracy in Durango

Dear Editors,

May I use this forum to ask: Why didn't any local radio stations broadcast the president's rare address to the nation on the evening of May 24?Please consider that President Bush is head of our nation the acting commander-in-chief. He and his people are leading us.They are carrying out their agenda, spending our money and currently causing thousands of deaths, tens of thousands of serious injuries, destruction on a scale that 9-11 doesn't even hint at, and the serious alienation of the vast majority of humanity all on dubious arguments.Mr. Bush is doing this in our name. We are the ones signing the check. We, and our children, are going to carry the burden of President Bush's choices for the remainder of this century.

It's beyond our right, it is our duty to listen to this man explain his plan.Yet, every station ignored it, even KSUT. When I called various stations I was met with incredulity: "well, daa, who wants to hear that?"

Is it really true that as long as we the grassroots voters and working citizens of this country are allowed to shop and gas up 24-7, we don't want to hear about our world situation?Why? Because the problems are too big? "They make my head spin, I can't do anything, therefore, I don't want to know?"A fine yet worthless excuse. The least patriots owe their nation is to care enough to try to understand (to the best of their ability) what our officials are actually doing. Waving flags is easy; participating in democracy takes effort.

You can't practice democracy without listening and paying attention to what's going on. Hopefully next time one or more of our local radio stations will make the effort to broadcast the president's message. Hopefully you'll be there paying attention to what the man says, then consider what is actually happening. Democracy, use it or lose it!


Peter Miesler, via e-mail





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