Book worms

Community libraries are often an under-appreciated public resource until you need emergency access to a book on potty training your new puppy or providing a few precious minutes to your toddler minus the Rug Rats cartoons and Pixy Stix commercials. Luckily, the multitude of periodicals, literature and children's books available at the Durango Public Library provides a healthy variety of topics to spur the imagination and educate the most informed readers. Furthermore, the Durango Library is kicking off its summer reading program entitled "Discover Crazy New Trails at Your Library." The program encourages kids to continue reading through the summer months. So, take the kids and get your own mental synapses firing again with a little help from the folks at your local library.

Tim Bennett, of Durango, freshens up on deck building with a few how-to books Friday afternoon.


A pile of newspapers litters a table downstairs in the periodicals room.

Brigitta Beam relaxes as she takes advantage of the library's computer and free Internet access to surf the web.

A row of books lines the shelves amongst the numerous stacks
inside the Durango Library.

Library Assistant John Lynch manages the computer lab downstairs behind a
large globe near the entry way to the periodicals room.


Library Assistant Joanne Nevils checks in a handful of books returned to the children's section downstairs at the Durango Library.














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