I met this girl at the bar the other night, and I really like her. But I think she is one of those “bar” girls, who goes out every night and gets loaded. Should I pursue her, or just blow this off?

– Jack in Durango

Dear Jack,

I think you should find out how much you like her, by asking yourself questions. Keep pursuing her, if your feelings are true. If you think that she might be more interested in booze, look at your own reasons for being at the bar. Let her be a clue to aid in your decisions, and you might figure out if you would like to meet someone else or buy her some more drinks at the bar. If you find out more about her, that might be a sign as well. Find out what kind of relationship you desire with her.

– Thanks, Diver

Dear Diver,

Why is America obsessed with stupid, meaningless entertainment? Friends, silly jam bands, clothing and the like are boring and predictable, yet America loves them. Why?

– Mac

Dear Mac,

Sitting here in the library, I often ponder that too...there are books that have great recipes for world cuisine. In China, the family is centered around food and the like. If you like to travel, there are internet sites that have cheap airline tickets waiting to take you to a cliff, lagoon (like in “Flipper”), or a cavern where you can bungie jump! When I was riding Eurail in Switzerland, I met two female travelers who just finished parachuting onto a high peak. There are other “hobbies” besides friends, silly jam bands and clothing. America needs to listen to its own sermons it constantly preaches. Book it! Good luck.


Dear Diver,

This age-old question needs to be examined every so often: is wrestling real or fake?

– Lannie

Dear Lannie,

Wrestling is fake when we fight in the arena, but when we can’t predict the outcome of a match, it is real. Superfly Snuka is No. 1.

– Diver






Diver: Jessie Hadcock, from Olde Tymer’s

Facts: Despite a serious bout of the flu, Jessie pulled off the advice and is the second Diver in the history of this column (now quickly approaching two years) to dish out sound advice.


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Do you think home schooling is a good means of education? Or does it leave out something important like children developing relationships with other kids? What do you think?

– Mom in Mancos

Dear Mom,

Home schooling is great. Also consider home schooling other children out of your home. Very true, kids need peers around them. Home schooling will provide you with your own schedule of learning for your child. You will be able to focus like a bull’s eye on his/her needs. Maybe, involving other children will become the only way to get homework assignments and book reports done. Relationships not only involve other children the same age, but older and younger friends. Instead of letting your child read books and material, let him/her become a reporter and find out the answers.

– Thanks, Diver





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