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Scheduling squeezes out safety

To the Editors:

Are your children safe at school? As parents, teachers and staff we often hear of the not-so-pleasant possibilities that may befall our children. What are often left from the scrutiny of the public eye are the decisions made by our school leaders that place our children in harm's way. Administrative decisions regarding safety at Miller Middle School have sent a chill down my spine. Building level administrators have denied student access into the building from lunch recess during a lightning storm as well as rain and hailstorms. They have even gone as far as ignoring the National Weather Forecasting Center's lightning and hail safety guidelines that have been presented to them.

As one student with his hair standing on end from static electricity in the air from lightning asked me, "Why can't we go inside, this is crazy?" The building administration's response to me after repeated requests to allow the children safely inside during such inclement weather has been "kids in the hallway before it's time presents a congestion problem." How much congestion will there be when lightning strikes a football field full of students? Great job Miller Middle School Administration, you have just shown us that scheduling takes priority over student safety!

Bruce Reid, Durango

Will the real Jesus please stand up

Dear Editors:

A year and a day before 9/11/2001, there was a contract in heaven that was broken (by the Reptilians), and today we are playing out the End Days War in Heaven down here on Earth. Mark my words for the coming further proof is not as far-stretched as it may seem.

On a lighter note, it seems Mel Gibson has chosen to let the message of the Second Christ come through the biggest of the famed media networks, Hollywood. And that's OK with me. I liked what he had to say on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno," although I must admit, Prince was also there, and then there was Dana Carvey who stole all the laughs on the show the weekend prior. Jay Leno himself is brilliantly funny, and I think his show is good for everyone's mental health (it's already light years better than watching the NBC Nightly News).

So the "signs" of the times are now met with a "Braveheart" and, finally, the "Passion of the Christ." This is all very well planned. The message of Christ Returned is everywhere if one only looks into the deeper psyche of their heart's content.

Again, Nostradamus could not be any more correct in prophesying the dramatic changes about to occur in the "Democratic Process" that will carry through to 2012. From Century 9, Quatrain 66 (quoted from "the Peacemaker,"): There will be peace, union and change/ Estates and offices (that were) low, (are) high/ those high (made) very low. To prepare for a journey torments the first (child)./ War to cease, civil processes, debates.

With the ongoing state of corporate corruption, broken promises, deceit and outright lies from the Bush administration it is quite clear that Bush is not Jesus Christ. Yet am I Jesus? Are you Jesus? Is Bush the Anti-Christ? Maybe. So don't be fooled or led astray. The bottom line is that the principle beliefs of Jesus and the His Divine sense of Justice that a person like Jesus would uphold need to be reintroduced to America. How true it is that these "Christ-like" ideals are needed to save our sorry world today. I've been given all the signs and blessings from the Father and the Mother that my destiny is to seek the higher office at the right hand of God, sometimes attributed to Horus, Quetzalcoatl or Hu the Mighty. In the future, I will continue to share and write all my personal revelations. I will be happy to place them in the context of plain old, everyday synchronicities that I encounter on behalf of my free will on earth. Yet again, there is the "I" not "of" this world, and as well the human part that cannot explain everything. Though I will attest that, since May 5, 2000, we've all been living in the 6th world and that the 7th has just now come.

I've been shown the connections to my star-origins and my divine over-soul. All that is left is for me to walk my walk and talk my talk. It is much easier for me to pretend that I have been mistaken and that the Great Architect of the Universe has not shown me any signs, or that I am wrong to interpret them the way I do. However, I assure you I have been guided, and I can no longer stand to deny the Cosmic Will calling me to fulfill the Divine Plan. I am who I am, and I will continue to be tested. I am not afraid. I am currently preparing a book that explores my personal revelation and conformational discoveries that have led me to believe I am the Messiah. I believe that George Bush is no longer integral to the Divine Plan and that his time of being the fool or pawn in the royal deck of "British House cards" is now officially ended.

Rev. 10:11: "And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings."

Thank you, submitted humbly and in service to the Creator of All.

Graham Kent,

The Earth Teacher, Durango

Social justice is a farce

Dear editors,

The state has enormous police powers it can bring to bear against individual members of society. It is crucial then that just laws be reasoned, justifiable, specifiable, explicable, and knowable with precision resembling the rules of grammar. Consequentially they must therefore be limited and primarily negative, restricted to defining terms of abstention from wrongdoing. To be unlawful then, an act must have occurred and caused real harm or damage. Punishment must also be proportionate. The theory called social justice then is both unnecessary and detrimental, not simply unworkable.

Just law requires neither equality of starting points nor equality of outcome. To require such is beyond the reach of any human since it requires knowing, understanding, controlling and rectifying, fairly, all of the seemingly infinite details of effects, causes and responsibilities. Therefore just laws can surely be a compact and guarantor of just things, but they can never be what is dependent upon to make citizens good and just.

Janice Rogalin,

Oak Brook Terrace, Ill., via e-mail





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