Homeward bound

The 2nd annual Pet Adoptathon got under way Saturday morning at the La Plata County Humane Society with throngs of pet lovers weaving their way among the kennels looking for the right four-legged friend to add to the family. The Humane Society reached its goal as 19 dogs, 10 cats and one rabbit found their way into new homes. During the 36-hour adoptathon, patrons of the Humane Society enjoyed free food, face painting and a host of activities and door prizes. An alumni party for adopted dogs capped off the highly successful weekend as a crowd of owners and their pups got together to help support the efforts of the La Plata County Humane Society.

Humane Society board member Bill Isenberger gives Mick, who lost a rear leg
as a puppy, a little lovin' during some exercise time in the outdoor kennel.

Humane Society Handler Delery Blocker introduces Miska to a cat as
Doug Wascher looks on trying to determine if Miska would make a
good addition to the family.

Balloons bounce in the breeze, enticing passing motorists to
stop and make an impulse purchase at the Humane Society.

Angie, a Siamese cat, glances up through the bars in her cage as pet
enthusiasts wander among the animals.
Alex Longo, 9, gets a patriotic paw print on his cheek from the
artistic eye of Adrian Schraub.

Steven Crnkovich leads a dog from the kennel for a little outdoor exercise.


Loki, a border collie mix, waits anxiously in a waiting room for
a new playmate.









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