Earthday Everyday

Durango’s environmentally conscious convened on the grounds of the Smiley Building to help celebrate Earth Day. The same day each year is used to pay homage to Mother Nature and to the wonders of the planet we inhabit. A variety of muscial performances, including the bluegrass sounds of The Magpies and the energy of Freewill Recovery, helped keep alive the festive mood created by the great weather and phenomenal food.

Mark Maness, of the Catch It Quick Juggling Company , concentrates on
passing the torches to his partner, Mike Taylor.

Four-year-old Brook Gauthier hangs onto a handful of grass on the lawn of the Smiley
Building as she enjoys the juggling act.

Jack Tallmadge, of the Magpies, sings into the
mic as he shows his prowess on the mandolin.

Earth Day attendees browse the booths and enjoy the warm
weather provided by Mother Nature.
Carol Elston, secretary of the Southwest Natural
Builders Guild, mixes a batch of building material.
Gradey Harper and Amy Carr, of the FLC Green
Chemistry Club, show kids the cycle of water.
John Fitzpatrick, of Highland Fabricators, demonstrates techniques
for environmentally friendly construction.

Mike Coronella, of the Southern Utah Wilderness
Alliance, glances skyward and checks the state
of the darkening skies.

Freewill Recovery’s bass player Wilson Carr sports an environmentally friendly mohawk.









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