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Off-season in Durango

Dear Editors,

I hope the day bids all you readers in fine fashion. Spring time has most definitely fallen upon we Durangotangs, and such a season calls for cleaning. Being a Durango resident for the past four years, I have felt the need for a clean and beautified lawn. Graduation is growing near, and I long for the days of a yard not plagued by empty beer cans, cigarette butts and buck shot-filled kegs.

One windy day last week, I found myself in my front yard with a trash bag in hand and a smile on my face, I was actually thinking about cleaning up my yard. In my pondering, I noticed hidden in the bushes a large and rotund black object. Feeding my curiosity, I wandered over to the bulge only to discover a bowling ball! "Oh neat," I thought. "How long has this ball been here?" My mind searched for answers yet none could be found. I finally decided that such questions should not be pondered. In examining my new-found ball, I noticed that the holes where one's fingers are inserted were not all of a similar diameter. In particular, the thumb hole was much smaller then the adjacent two holes. "Ah ha! A custom ball indeed!" I danced a quick and heartfelt jig because of my new-found discovery. Pleased I was. I stood there in my yard for the next few minutes relishing in my precious. A fine ball it was, odd and splendid.

The thought of cleaning the yard was far out of my head when a deep grogginess fell upon my body. I decided it was time to retire to the couch for a late-afternoon session of Play Station and a two-hour slumber. A good day it was indeed.

Thank you, Nicholas Lee Herbert, Durango

via e-mail

Keep Durango in the dark

To the Editors:

If you like the idea of living in one of the only remaining towns in the U.S. that can see the stars without light pollution, visit the Durango City Council on (or before) May 4.

Kent Ford,

Durango, via e-mail





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