Interior design

The Durango Arts Center was bustling with art enthusiasts, interior designers and poor college students looking to redecorate their new palacial south Durango fixer-upper with something that could really pull the room together. KDUR's third annual Furniture as Art auction went off without a hitch Thursday evening, April 15, as a full house of community-conscious attendees bid on 20 brightly colored, well-decorated pieces of furniture. The donated art raised more than $11,000 for the Fort Lewis College radio station. Maureen May's Power Chair, one of the most impressive pieces at the auction, was the night's big winner, raising over $1,000.

Beer Here! Kris Hickox puts her money where her mouth is during a round of bidding.

A chair meticulously decorated with glass marbles
catches the stage lights Thursday evening.

Nancy Stoffer talks with the bidding audience before the next piece of
furniture goes up for auction.

The light from a bulb shines through rolls of film in a colorful lamp design by Laurie Dickson.
A latch and a handle adorn an antique trunk, which makes up a portion of
Tim Hunter’s end table.
3-year-old Sadie Schafer gets a free ride as her father, Joe
Schafer, checks out the artwork.
A small, exquisitely painted chair created by
Peter Grajirena sits at the front of the stage
Thursday night.
Becky Heitzman, left, and Lisa Madonna ponder
the colorful work of Maureen May titled
“Power Chair.”









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