Fat tire technicians

After a picture-perfect March, sunny blue skies gave way to the typically turbulent weather patterns of spring. Nevertheless, local bike mechanics are up to their eyeballs in cables, cassettes and chains with throngs of cyclists in need of everything from a minor tune to a complete overhaul. Local shops are bustling with people eager to get their gear in better shape than they're in, hoping to get any strategic advantage possible for the lung-busting ascents of spring. Walk, don't run, better yet ride, to your nearest shop to get your bike in line for its yearly deep muscle massage and spa treatment.

Bob Gregorio cleans a wheel in the outdoor shop at the Durango Cyclery on Monday afternoon.

A container full of lubricants waits for the next mountain bike overhaul.

A line of wrenches hangs at the ready at
Mountain Bike Specialists recently.


A road bike sits on a stand waiting for a tune-up at
Second Avenue Sports.
Cliff Pinto, owner of Pedal The Peaks, takes a break from the shop while he talks to a customer behind a collection of tools.
Peterson, of Mountain Bike Specialists, attaches a new pair of pedals to a customer's mountain bike Monday morning.
Scott Shishim puts the final touches on a bike at the
Durango Cyclery.
Ryan Barthel replaces the air hose after inflating a tube in the service department at Mountain Bike Specialists.









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