Flower power

The blunt shock of cold morning air and the icy travels down the driveway have come to an end as winter has given way to spring. The ground has thawed, and for many the mud season passed in the blink of an eye. With the sun rising higher in the sky each day and the evenings lasting longer after the work day, local gardening aficionados begin to prepare their
soil and gather tools for the upcoming season. Providing a wealth of growing information and a multitude of plants, seeds and tools, local nurseries will help guide both the novice and the veteran green thumb through the growing season.

A display of flowers and gardening apparel greets customers inside the entrance to San Juan Mountain Nursery.

An austrocephalocereus estevesii grows towards the diffused light source of the green nursery roof at Native Roots.

Warm weather and bright sunshine have local green
thumbs looking forward to a prosperous growing season.


A row of flowering plums catch the last ray of light before bedding down at Durango Nursery and Supply.
Jennifer Wolf loads a collection of lupines into a pull cart at Durango
Nursery and Supply.
A potted geranium waits for its new owner at San Juan Mountain Nursery on Monday evening.
Jessica Ryan navigates a fruit tree through a row of new arrivals Monday afternoon at Native Roots.
Terra cotta pots sit stacked near the entrance to San Juan Mountain Nursery.
Gina Warner transports a tree across the Durango Nursery and
Supply grounds.











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