I’m in 8th grade. I get made fun of a lot because some of the other kids in my class are “experimenting” with things that I’m not quite ready for. It’s embarrassing to tell them I haven’t smoked or made out with a girl. What can I do to stop the ridicule?

– Ashamed in Hermosa

Dear Ashamed,

I can completely relate. The big guys wanted to throw me in a garbage can when I was a freshman in high school. Don’t let those punks bother you, they don’t know what they’re talking about anyway. Tell them to mind their own business and practice their skateboarding skills instead. Remember, too, that girls do a lot of developing during the summer after 8th grade (hint, hint, wink wink). Let me know how it turns out for ya’.

– Yours, Diver Dan

Dear Diver,

Would it be wrong of me to call the police on my ex-husband when he’s driving drunk? When he watches our children he drinks a lot, and I don’t want him to hurt my babies!

–Madd Mother

Madd Mother,

Not at all; stop the vicious cycle before the tail whips back and someone really gets hurt. Drinking, as we all know, is a serious problem in this area, and it is something to be kept in check. This ex sounds like an irresponsible drunk (which, as a matter of fact, everyone is). Let him know your intent, and if he continues in his way, push the button. He is not worth the risk to your little ones. But have compassion on him, too. Understand that drinking is a disorder that affects people differently. Guide him to appropriate channels like AA, where there are people like him who will understand his situation. Take his keys before someone else has to.

–Your Concerned Diver

Dear Diver,

I am getting married later this summer. There are way more people to invite than I can afford. How can I explain to some of my mere acquaintances there is no room for them at the reception?

– Elsie in Durango

Well Elsie,

If these are just mere acquaintances, how do they know you are getting married? Are they your friends or not? If they are, invite them. If they aren’t don’t, unless they are rich and will give a good gift. Don’t over plan and don’t make one of those lists where you tell everyone what to buy you, it’s a real turn off. Make the catering modest so people don’t feel you are spending too much on them, because after all, it is your big day not theirs. Good luck and many happy years.

– Your Resolute Diver





Diver: Daniel Grinnan from Mama’s Boy

Interesting Facts: Daniel may be the first diver who actually advocates sobriety


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I have this drunk, obnoxious friend who gets loaded and then rags on me for not knowing about obscure British television. It only bothers me when I’m the designated driver and I’m sober. What can I do about my friend?

– Curious, Jack

Jack, Jack, Jack,

This British television thing is huge, man, I tell you, Huge! You should have a pen and paper handy when he's spilling these amazing details, for reals! People are all a hoot about random British television trivia. As for drinking, you know how I feel. I think Madd Mother's ex and your friend should try to get sober together.

- Your Disheveled Diver





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