Trash to Treasure

Where can you find an 8-track player, a set of vintage silverware and a life-sized stuffed gorilla all for under 10 bucks? The good folks at Durango's thrift stores will be more than happy to help you find these items plus a sporty backpack to haul it out in. Bargains abound as garages get their annual spring cleaning and the left-over treasures are dropped off at the docks of your favorite thrift store. Run, don't walk, and grab that funky Krameresque, leopard skin boa, those lime green bowling shoes, and that new, can't-live-without-it nickel-plated sport coat for your second cousin’s third wedding reception before they're gone.

Volunteer John Tait inspects the wiring in a lamp before it's tagged for sale at the First United Methodist Thrift Shop.
Arnold Garcia checks out a life-sized stuffed snake at the Humane Society Thrift Store on Tuesday afternoon.
A legless Barbie Doll waits for her next loving owner at the VOA Thrift Store.
A school bus waits for its price tag
as Billie Turnell works in the back
of the Methodist Thrift Shop.

A customer at the VOA Thrift Store scores an antique type writer.


A collection of yarn sits in a bin at the VOA Thrift Store.


Chad Cheeney works the cash register at the VOA
Thrift Store on Monday.












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