Every day contains rituals, habits and customs that become so commonplace that one often forgets the thousands of other options. However, when you wake up to the surprise of ankle deep snow, ice-covered asphalt and frozen windshield wipers, the senses are heightened and all those daily routines take on an entirely new meaning. The thoughts of untracked powder and wintery mountain vistas bounce though your subconscious as your weave your way through traffic and accelerate around snowplows toward your income-making daily grind. During your trip through town, your eyes are bombarded with images of icicles, snow shovels and pools of melting snow lining the sidewalks. By the time you've settled into your office chair, the warm sensation of caffeine from your morning coffee has taken hold, and the snow outside seems all too enticing to spend your day indoors.

Traveling to and from the mountain can be hazardous as the white stuff falls but the reward is well worth it.


The sun came out Monday afternoon, lighting up the train station and a few tracks left behind on Smelter Mountain.


A cyclist carries his coffee mug as he
commutes along E. Second Avenue.
A snowboarder en route to sampling some of the best
powder DMR has seen all season
A snow-encrusted mountain bike rests atop a car on Main.
Storm clouds move in over the La Plata Mountains on Monday evening.
Andrew Schwertner puts his back
into a wet shovelful of snow Tuesday
A snowplow clears Highway 550 early Monday morning.






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