Up here at Fort Lewis College, there is some rule that you can’t smoke within 15 feet of a building entrance or something like that. Yet no smokers acknowledge this. They practically stand in doorways smoking. Would it be rude to remind people of this law?

– Jim, via e-mail

Dear Jim,

You’re right – it does suck that smokers light up in front of these entrances while reading that sign that asks them to back up 50 feet. As if the pollution we consume isn’t enough, there are these people blowing smoke in your face. Funny though, the people who put these signs here conveniently placed ashtrays right underneath them, putting them in a contradictory state. You tell me which would be more rude: telling these people to step back 50 feet to preserve your sense of smell for the finer things in life like the smell coming from the Chub, OR letting them throw their butts on the ground. Smoke ’em if you got ’em!


Dear Diver,

Are kids spoiled? I know a handful of kids under 10 who get all this great stuff for Christmas but never play with it. However, if there is an old box lying around or something that would be considered “trash” they think it’s the greatest thing. Then, when you go to take the toys away or sell them at a yard sale, they throw a tantrum. What do you think?

– “Mom” in Durango

Dear Mom,

Yes, kids are spoiled but it’s not their fault. You need to buckle down and ask yourself about the wants and needs for your children. Do you want to spoil your kids? Or do you need to hear them throw tantrums because you overspoil them?


Dear Diver,

Is political activism a bit over the top these days? It seems like everyone I know has something to say about the current state of the world, and everyone is trying to make changes. Personally I think it’s wasted time, and I could care less. Your thoughts?

– Brian, via e-mail

Dear Brian,

Wake up you fool! Political activism is all we have these days to stand up for our rights. Do you think change happens when you don’t care less about it? It seems to me like you are wasting your time in front of the tube watching “Friends.”

– Get involved, Diver


Diver: Adrian from Nini’s

Facts: Adrian is capable of spewing advice on college kids, tots, political activists and weather-predicting rodents. What more can you ask for?


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Is Groundhog Day a true and legitimate way of predicting the weather?

– Curious,


Dear Punxsatawney Phil,

If you’re tired and it’s cold outside, then stay in a few more months. If not, come out of your hole and take a deep breath of all the smoke created by these obnoxious smokers standing outside your hole.

– Cheers, Diver





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