Most veterans of mountain living surrender to the fact that their SUV will have a thick layer of road debris petrified to its exterior from fall to the first day of spring. Motorists travel the streets of Durango peering through the small semi-circles created by the constant cadence of windshield wipers and neon blue washer fluid. However, a few weekends a year the skies clear, the temperatures rise, and the five-day forecast shows no promise of precipitation. And this is when Durangoans make a break for their friendly neighborhood car wash to de-funkify their cars by hosing off the golfball-sized clumps of dirt and to throwing out the 12 coffee cups littering the backseat. The promise of five days of sparkling chrome and dirt-free floor mats clog the bays and make the groundhog check for his shadow one more time.

Rodney Robinette does a little detailing on his Ford Mustang this weekend at the Car Wash Machine on North Main.


John Fabiano gives his 1998 Dodge Dakota a face lift this weekend.


Employee Robert Plant works a busy Saturday afternoon at the Car Wash Machine.


Warm weather and clear skies created a constant stream of customers at the Car Wash Machine last weekend.
A high pressure hose rests in its holster in a bay at Mountain Mechanical Car Wash.
Joe Rich spends a sunny Saturday afternoon cleaning out the contents of his car.
A line gathers behind a bay at the Car Wash Machine on Saturday.
A foaming brush lies against a car wash bay layered with a thick coating of ice.






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