towing the line

After three winters of sub par snowfall that brought in-town skiing to a halt, the Chapman Hill Ski Hill returned to its former glory Saturday afternoon as the rope tow fired up and locals grabbed at the opportunity to experience the antique ski transportation. Good conditions and an enthusiastic clientele made for an action-packed afternoon filled with skiing and boarding. The rope tow will be in operation each Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4 - 8 p.m. for local ski junkies unable to escape the city limits. Contact 385-2967 for all your ski hill information.

(mouse over photos for captions)

Tom Newell readjusts his goggles after a chaotic spill Saturday.

Tim Hubertus, 10, enjoys the ride up.

Tom Shaver pauses before his descent.

A sign warns riders of the potential deterrents to a smooth ride on the tow rope.

In case of emergency: An electrical plug rests agains a pole at the base of the ski hill.

Lift op Andrew Moser tosses a shovelful of snow on the rope tow track.

Hold On Tight: Gloves and strong forearms are strongly recommended for the sometimes harrowing ride to the top of the hill.

Sarah Newell forgoes turns and screams with excitement during her beeline run down the hill.





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